The Handy Function of NFC Connections And Review

From all those latest innovations and inventions of technology, there is a technology feature that it seems not quite popular enough, but it is useful. NFC or the Near Field Communications is one from many features of portable devices these days. The saddest fact is, sometimes smartphones owner not care about NFC feature on their phones. Moreover, sometimes they not know about the availability of NFC technology at all. So let us discuss about the function of NFC connections.

What is NFC?


Based from its name, NFC is one set of standards for smartphone and other portable devices. NFC allows them to have a peer-to-peer wireless communications, transferring data from one device to another simply only by touching, or putting them within a close range. NFC came out purely from RFID. RFID is a radio-frequency identification. RFID is one of the technology that commonly used by large warehouses that works for shipping company. RFID use an electromagnetic induction (which is nearly the same with the function of NFC connections).

NFC works by sending data over radio waves, which is similar with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Unlike RFID, we can use NFC to induce the electrical currents from passive components. The connection speed of NFC is far faster than Bluetooth. Samsung devices have a Samsung Beam that uses NFC to pair devices and then use Bluetooth to transfer some data.


NFC is very handy, because it can work with passive device that do not require any kind of power supply at all, such as travel card readers. NFC’s data-transmission have a frequency of 13.56MHz. Moreover, we know that NFC can transmit data at either 106, 212 or even 424 kilobits per second.

Security issues?

I would not deny that there are some security issues with NFC connections, but somehow they are still manageable. You need to note that if someone can get close enough to you with an NFC reader; it can read all of your contents on your device. In addition, some fake apps can sniff your smartphone and interrupt your payment details. So in order to get the full function of NFC connections, you will need to pay attention with all the apps that you downloaded not from the Play Store. The biggest risk and security threat for your NFC connection is that to make you smartphone into one integrated payment method. Therefore, it will be much worse if you lost, and get your device stolen.


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