Fix Stopped Google.Process.gapps on Samsung Galaxy S6

We know how it feels like seeing those long range of notification error containing the Google processes gapps and the other emergence the screen of your smart phone. Panic? Yes! Most of people who encounter this problem in their S6 or any other type and series of smart phone are freaking out and event think that their phone is hacked or swarmed by viruses. Well, it is common thing that everyone can feel seeing that kind of message popping out from nowhere stopping some apps running. If you are also the victim of this problem then you do not have to freak out, because we have prepared some solutions regarding this matter here. Ponder them up guys!

The workarounds this glitch

Some experts of the smart phone are saying to us that you need to ascertain yourself about the apps installed within your smart phone as well as the play store section about its version update. Before doing further actions about this problem, you should firstly update all the apps by hitting the left side to of the play store and click update all. You might consider to use the wireless connection because it might take much data for updating.

Once you have done the updating phase, then you need to proceed on the storage section on your setting menu to look for the cached data part. When you have entered on it, do some total wipe out and clear it. Once it is done, this kind of problem will certainly get away from your smart phone. If this thing emerging again, then do the same thing because the cache data is supposed to be cleared once in a while.

If that method ain’t giving you the answer of solving those notifications to keep appear on your screen, then consider to do that cache clearing using systematical method. You will need to press the power button altogether with the home and vol. up button after you switch your phone off. Wait up and you will see the green android logo and continued into recovery system. Roll down and find the wipe cache partition and select it up with power button, and finish it up by proceeding the reboot phase. Well, that is all you need to do if you want to get those problem away from you. If things are not solved, then do the factory reset for the last way of resolution.

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