Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Sensitivity Problems

How do you feel when you are getting wrong in typing some text message and need to re-erase it over and over again because your smart phone galaxy S6 screen is just too sensitive? Well, it is going to be in worse scenario when you wake up in the morning time in totter condition and need to reply your GF text message in hurry with that sensitive screen of yours. Ridiculous thing might happen such like you mean to write good morning and ended up with ‘grood mrongin’ text sent to your girlfriend. Stop that kind of problem right now and check your S6 about how sensitive it is by hitting *#0*# on your smart phone to get the access of some smart phone testing and checking menu. When you have identify the sensitiveness of your S6, then it is time for some actions.

Simple things to do to fade the screen sensitivity

The sensitivity of your screen can be caused by the overheated system of your smart phone. You will need to restart it and do the business with your smart phone again in normal ways. The sensitivity also has something to do with the screen condition, check if your screen has some oily stuff or dirties on it and you will need to cleanse them up to get the sensitivity of your smart phone’s screen back to normal. The other factor also goes into the stuff like case accessories or screen protector sticker that can be blamed as the culprit. Try to take it off and see if it has the effect or not.

If those simple things above are not giving you the answer about your smart phone annoying sensitivity, then you can start inspecting deeper on the setting and apps investigation. Some apps might be the reasons why the screen sensitivity become even higher. Switch off your phone and let it one into the safe mode by holding the volume down after it got restarted. You need to do some check if there are any problem caused by apps you installed.

If you spot one apps that is caused the problem of sensitivity, then you need to check if that apps has the setting about touch screen sensitivity. If it has, then make sure it sets on medium or low mode. However if that ain’t work, simply uninstall it.

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