Fix LED Flash Light Always On Galaxy S6

When we talk about the camera features of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6, then we cannot forget the stuff works on its system. Resulted in pixels measurement around two thousand multiply thousand photo size that works smartly as the optical stabilization scheme on it will take all the compliment away. Moreover with its auto focus and LED flash that will spark the light definition in the dark place will make you amazed. But how about if that stuff is run without you intend to and create lack of coziness when you operate your smart phone.

Well, indeed it has something to do with the camera function glitches and some people have complained about this LED flash matter that keeps on constantly over and over again. Many S6 owners feel uncomfortable about this problem and irritated about this. Not only because it is disturbing, but it is also because it consume the battery power as well, making your smart phone so quickly drained.

We have asked many experts and technicians who are specialized in this Samsung Galaxy S6 about this matter, and apparently this problem is kind of bugs that is considered as one defect or failure of this smart phone invention. We did ask on the Samsung Company to help us out in solving this problem and they said they are working on this matter to deal with. They have a lot of works to do. However, they are giving possible solution for this problem.

How to deal with LED flash on bugs?

Samsung Company is still establishing the way better how to solve this matter, and they are aware of it. Therefore, they give a solution to do any upgrade specifically on the OTA system that you can do at any time to solve this problem. All you need to do is popping out into the setting menu and find the section about device there. You need to hit it up and infiltrate the software upgrade system and allow the update for fixing it.

Apart of that method, apparently there has not any better or simpler solution than it. Samsung Company has figured it out about the problem and they still run for further solution about that. If you find it to be too complex, then you can simply pay a visit to the official Samsung branch on your local area and ask the technician there to do the work for you. If it is not working, then you can contact the seller of your Galaxy S6 and complain about it for further exchange or help.

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