Fix Galaxy S6 Unrecognized Finger Print Screening Problem

You should not call yourself a gadget fanatics if you have no idea about some safety and security system that any of the new smart phone have start from the lock pattern, access password and the one hilarious fingerprint sensor with certified PayPal that Samsung Galaxy S6 own. This stuff created mean to keep your privacy safe. However, some people often got themselves in trouble when they use this finger prints sensor features where the scanner does not work properly or unable to recognize the owner fingerprints. This matter is simple to solve if you remember your backup password in your mind, but how if you don’t? Well, if you are in that case, then simply follow these steps to get it over.

Solving the unrecognizing fingerprint screening and sensor

When this kind of problem occur, it is better to restart your smart phone and try the finger print scanner again when it is on to make it work. If it does not work, then it might be the screen of your S6 that needs to be wiped out from any dirties. Prepare a clean and smooth cloths and do the screen cleansing before retry it. The way you touch the screen might also matter here. Try two different way of pressing it: lightly and firmly. And it might work on one of them.

Other than those simple ways to make your smart phone finger print work, you also need to do some other method if those method we mentioned before ain’t give you any answer. Simply take off the case of your smart phone and retry the fingerprint scan and if it does not work, then put it back and retry. If that method is till null, then it is time to find somewhat complex ways.

Make sure those failures do not let you down. You still able to unlock your smart phone using the Google account of yours. Sign it in in the other platforms and once you are in, go to the menu of My Account and hit the security system on the Sign-in and security section. Make the duo step verification off and enter the detail of your smart Phone to unlock it. You also able to use the helpful site of Find My Mobile featured by Samsung to signed in and go into the drop down menu of unlock my screen facility there to get it done.

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