Fix Galaxy S6 Problem: Call Volume Too Low

We all do often and ever in the situation where you or someone you call is saying what the bearded pirate with pigeon on SpongeBob Square pants opening song often shouted about: I can’t hear you!! Well those problem within your Smart phone Samsung galaxy S6 is being complained by many of its users recently. But before getting yourself involved in that complaints, make sure that there is nothing wrong with your ear or your telecommunication providers are not in trouble regarding their networks because it will be funny if you find out later that the problem is not on your smart phone but on those two.

Mostly people who meet this problem is getting the unstable microphone and speaker where the caller or person to be called cannot hear the voice clearly. To fix this problem, Galaxy S6 has some workarounds you can do about it. We have gathered some information about this problem and we will be glad to share with you guys here. Check them out now!

Get the clear voice when you call now

The simplest thing that you need to do firstly is checking if there is some plastic covers, debris, dirties or stuff blocking up the mics or speaker in your smart phone. Those things can be the obstacles for you to get the clear and clean voices. To ascertain it, you can do some simple cleaning by using the compressed air or smooth brush. After they all cleaned, then you can try to do the call again.

You need to also check the volume level (just in case you do not know that) by push the volume button up and down and check the level of sounds used in your smart phone. You can also use the extra-volume feature that this S6 has when you do the calls in order to give the extra loudness voice. You can spot this icon on the middle of the calling screen when you are on the phone. Just hit that button. If that is not enough for you, then you can go into active speaker feature to make the call voices out loud.

There is this one way to identify the problem regarding the calling voice that is too low by using Bluetooth hands free. This way is recommended to find out whether your smart phone has the hardware error or not. If it is fine by using it, then you need to hospitalize your microphone or speakers.

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