Fix Galaxy S6 Contacts Not Working Problem

Apparently it has been more than hundred times we got the complaints about the notification unfortunately the contacts has stopped. Well, if we can call it, it is resemble the one not responding stuff that often happened in computer when it is over heating or the RAM is exhausted from multi-tasking work on various program running on one time. Same goes into the smart phone. In computer you might able to hit the task manager stuff and end them up to lease the burden that the CPU bear, but in smartphone, it is all different. This problem is often occurred when the smart phone users are trying to do some calls and other apps running. This problem is quite easy to deal with.

Dealing with Contacts has stopped working?

The first easy way to make it out is to restart your system and retry it after that because the factor that makes this problem is the system exhausted like we have explained above. However, some people are encountering the similar problem even after they did the restart phase. If that is what happen, then you need to go down into the setting and check whether the cache is full or not. If it is stuffed, then it is better to do the cleansing cache and date down there, because that can be the problem that caused it. It is just like the container, if it is filled with the contents which is exceeding its size, and then it is begin to throw up. This method is good to go, and people find it so useful.

If those solutions are not enough and the problem is persistently haunting you and leading you to frustration, then keep yourself together and do the cleaning using dialer. All thou need to do is go into the apps manager section within the setting menu in all apps. Right after you do it, simply turn your smart phone off and switch it on again, and see the miracle.

If you still find those problem cannot be solved by using those methods, then you will need to go into the safe mode and doing some checking if there is still a problem occurred in this mode. If it is good, then the culprit that trigger this error is one of apps installed into your smart phone. Simply start to remove some apps that you suspect to be the cause and retry.

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