Fix Galaxy S6 Bug: Missing Quick Toggle for Mobile Data

Have you ever encountered this kind of problem known as the missing of quick toggle? Well, then it is a bad news for you guys who have this problem. As you guys perhaps already know about it, the Samsung Corporation is adding the quick toggle function on their series of smart phone. This function is actually already added by Samsung Company on its custom interface called TouchWiz. You can easily find this quick toggle by pulling down the drawer of notifications and spot it on the top of the drawer with its icon. To set it up, you will need to tab it. But how if that quick toggle is disappearing? Well, we have plenty of explanation and solution here.

Solving the missing quick toggle data?

Actually it has been couple months since the solution about this problem made by Sammy Company is out. But if you wonder how those people before the fix come out resolute this problem well, then you need to peek on some apps in Google play Store that can work it out. There is this MultiWindow toggle developed by some IT experts from XDA that was giving the S6 users a hand to solve this matter. This application is working to giving you the facility on both add and remove the quick toggle function. However, this is not a permanent solution for the problem and it still has the lacks on it.

The real fix that has already released recently is this solution made by Samsung Company which launched the Quick panel Restore app that you can find in Samsung Official store. By using this, you will be able to get back the mobile data that went missing from your smart phone as well as returning your quick toggles.

Since this problem is acknowledged by many social networking accounts and Samsung customer service to be widespread matter, it is recommended to solve it quick in order to keep your mobile data in the safe place. We do hope this post will give you a lot of helps and make you feel at ease to solve the missing quick toggles in your smart phone. If you have any other questions regarding this problem, just do not hesitate or doubt to send us your questions or simply leave your trace by responding here in the commentary queries. See you next time in the other Samsung galaxy S6 problem and solutions.

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