Five simple steps to use emoji on Mac

Add something fun to your posts or messages by using emoji! Emoji is a feature that has been on Mac OS X for long enough. And now, we will give you just five steps to use this emoji as simple as possible.

Follow these steps :

1. Put the cursor in the text field where you wish to add the emoji.

2. Press Command + Control + Spacebar.

3. Start to type a search term for an emoji. (For instance, type “computer.”)

4. Press the down arrow key to select the first item.

5. Press the return key.

When you follow these steps the first emoji who match the search term will be entered into the text field. Once you begin to use flow to search for and insert emojis, you will notice that this method is much faster than searching manually through the hundreds of available emoji designs.

You can utilize the special character picker to find and insert symbols like the copyright symbol and characters from another languages installed on yourMac too, such a cool stuff right?

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