Fitbit Blaze Manual & Tutorials (Smart Watch)

The new Fitbit Blaze is a product of fitness watch that is unveiled officially just weeks after the CEO of Fitbit named James Park teases the markets that the new devices are on horizon. This is unveiled at the press conference of the company on CES 2016; it allows the customers to play with a kind of smartwatch. However, it is claimed that Fitbit is not smartwatch but it is a smart fitness watch.

The design of Fitbit Blaze

Talking about design, this smart fitness watch sounds lots like the Fitbit Surge with the more desirable and sleeker design which is trying for giving Apple watch the run for the money on looks departments. In other words, the Fitbit Blaze design is bold and actually the fairly unisex designs. Moreover, the Fitbit Blaze sticks with the similar elastomers band though that for any of you which are suffered kind of the skin irritation issues as many of the wearable forum users report can be the issue.

Fitbit Blaze Picture

Fitbit Blaze

Luckily, there will be some rooms for the customization with leather, metal, and classic bands as well as the stainless steel frames which also up for the grabs. Moreover, bands on Fitbit Blaze can be removed by using the quick release springs bar while the trackers modules simply pops out this product as exclusive fitness watch. This fitness watch is provided on several options. Those can be plum, blue, ad black straps in small, larger or medium sizes. In the term of prices, you can browse it from its official websites to know the price of each type.

Fitbit Blaze Unboxing Video

Fitbit Blaze Manual Pdf and Tutorials

Fitbit Blaze is launched on the market with many excellent features on its hardware. The price is also variously depending on the features on there.

You can read online or download Fitbit Blaze manual pdf user guide book by visiting this link

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