Find Top Best Gaming Mouse in 2015

Gaming is always identical with all of the hardware that is connected to your computer. Every single aspect is doing their part, and really counts on your gaming condition. You can simply play any kind of game using the common-built and standard input device, but according to some of the gaming geeks, playing games needs every single finest aspect available for your computer. Mouse is another important aspect if you want to play game. Having a common mouse sometimes can cause lags of movement, and might resulting you to a certain loss. So let us discuss about the best gaming mouse in 2015.

Viral aspect for gaming mouse


To consider which the best gaming mouse is, you will need to look for one that have a comfortable feel in your hands. Common made mouse does not have a unique handgrip, and will not comfortable for your palm. Real gaming mouse also can glide smoothly on the mousepads, creating a slick and smooth mouse movement.

Gaming mouse usually packed with good and proper features. Most of gaming mouse will need at least 3.200dpi for the smoothness of cursor movement. Some of gaming mouse also features at least five programmable macro buttons on it.

Mouse is one of the heaviest working device when you are playing games. Therefore, durability is another main concern if you want to obtain a real gaming mouse. Common mouse usually will have unusually lightweight and cheaply made material. A proper gaming mouse will have a heavier body, and using a high quality material. To fulfill your hunger for gaming, you can use this best gaming mouse in 2015 as your primary option.

Logitech G502 Proteus Core


It is about time until finally Logitech built a sophisticated gaming mouse that can win the award of best gaming mouse in 2015. This Logitech G502 Proteus Core have a stunning design, which will suits for any kind of hardcore gamer. It have an exceptionally comfortable grip that will perfectly match for your palm.

It also comes with a great performance (12.000dpi maximum), and can play almost any kind of games without any lags of movement at all. The large and sensibly spaced buttons is very responsive and accurate. The macro button on your thumb can play its part really well. When you play World of Warcraft, you can easily assign those buttons to trigger your frequently used skills. Finally, you can buy this awesome gaming mouse only for $53.05.

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