Delete the bullet points in the Mail app for OS X

Typing an email but it change to be numbered or bulleted instead of sentences? Get annoyed because of this? Here, we will give you some suggestion about how to delete the bullet points in the mail app for OS X.

Bullets and numbered lists in Mail app for OS X are considered a kind of indent, but it is not the same as text indents. With text indents (select and then Format > Indentation > Increase or Decrease), the whole paragraph of text is pushed in from the left margin, but also wrapped if it exceeds the window width within that indented section. This lets you easily set off other kinds of text.

mac911 bullets in mail app os x

Most document-handling software allows you to make bulleted or numbered lists, and then choose from the same menu “no formatting” or select again to uncheck a format. But Apple is a little bit unique, because apple hide it. So how to remove those bullet and number? Just select your bulleted or numbered list, and choose that Format > Indentation > Decrease item, and they gone!

You can also use Command-] to increase and Command-[ to decrease indent levels or remove list formatting.

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