Dashboard and Widget on Mac

What are widgets? Widgets are mini-applications who designed to run some tasks that we usually do by visiting web pages. To make it simple, instead of visiting a weather website to know about weather, we can access it by clicking the weather- widget.

It doesn’t like another applications. Widgets are shown in your Dashboard. When you open your Dashboard, your screen will fade a little then the widgets zoom in across the screen.

Open Dashboard

To open the Dashboard, just click the icon in the dock.

After you click it, the dashboard and widgets will be showed automatically.


The widgets

Widgets are small applications, it is used to run smaller tasks or show some datas. Because they are programmed just like websites. So it will be so easy for web developers to make widgets that show informations from their websites.

Show/hide widgets

If you look at the lower left corner of your Dashboard, you can see a plus button. Click it, then a bar that contain all installed widgets will be showed. In this bar, you can add some applications that you want to use onto the dashboard space just by drag it.

But if you want to hide a widget, just hold down the alt key and put the cursor over the widget. A button that look like a cross will appear in the upper left corner of the widget. If you click it the widget will disappear automatically. If you want to show it again, just click the same plus button again.

Changing widget settings

Most widgets are having some settings too. Put the cursor over a widget, then a small i-symbol will show on the lower right corner of the widget (but it can be on another side on the widget). Click that symbol, after that the settings will appear.

Close Dashboard

If you want to close Dashboard, just press the esc button or you can click the desktop, but don’t click it on a widget. After that, widgets will disappear and the desktop will be showed just like how it use to be.

Download more widgets!

There are many sites for you if you want to download new widgets. Such as :

Apple’s website
Install downloaded widgets

It is really simple. When you click the donwload button at the web page, the widgets will automatically downloaded and Mac will ask you if you want to install the widget that you have downloaded or not.

Uninstall the widget

But if you want to uninstall a widget, open another widget named “Widgets”. After that you can see the minus symbol next to their name, press it, and the widgets will be deleted.

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