Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock – Don’t Worry About Your Door Again

Whenever you go whether it is for short or long time, you should keep your house door look to keep your house save. However, using lock hardware can be a problem if you are careless which may make you stuck in front of door without knowing how to open it. Although you can get the service of nearby locksmith, smart solution can come from your smart phone you have. Since the requirement is only Bluetooth connection and software installation in your phone, it can be brilliant way to unlock your door by Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock.

Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock

Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock

The Review of Danalock Bluetooth Smart Lock

Since it is important to enter your house without anxiety of missing key, Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock product can be maximized. The benefits which you can get from the use of the product are so numerous including ease to enter house without key. With only $159.99 for the hardware to install you can get free download of the software. Moreover, IOS and Android which have been the complement of smart phone you may use can support your software installation.

Although it is cheap and easy to get, the features of Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock are the significant parts which you should know. For the operation, it is optional for you to unlock the door through your phone or the real key. This will give your father or mother ease since they hold the real key to open while you are not at home. Besides, to open your door you it is possible also to unlock with button press or hand. For the Bluetooth requirement, it will work with Bluetooth 4.0 which can reach the range which is 33 ft.

Those are some reviews about Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock to show you the modern way to unlock your door with various choices. By the installation of the product at your door opener linked with installed application on your smart phone you can unlock and lock your house with your hand, smart phone, press button and real key.

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