Curved TV Technology: Is It Worth What You Have Paid For?

It seems that Samsung is never stop to make large innovations for all of their stuff. Have you ever heard anything about Curved TV? Samsung is already developed some of those in earlier 2014. We all can agree that it such a great innovations from Samsung. But there are still some questions that is hanging on people’s mind. Is it worth to obtain such curved TV technology? Will it deliver some massive difference between the common LCD models? Can it pleased for someone that have a videophile interest? So let us find out the true benefit of curved TV technology!

Price to performance


It is quite strange, because 4K resolution TV is just enough to please your eyes. However, why Samsung made Curved TV in the first place? Surely, it is no more than just a plain marketing strategy. Curved TV technology is just no more than an OLED Screen that is made with little dent and curving design.

As you can see that, the impact of the curve is subtle. By doing some test, it shows that it will provides no increase in immersion at all. Surely this is not like an IMAX screen at all. The premise curve of an IMAX screens really make sense and can surrounds and envelops you. The biggest effects from the curved screen is the ability to focus more light to the audience.


You can feel the sensation of curved TV technology only if you are sitting on a certain range. By having a perfectly placed seat, it can create a wrapping effect just like an IMAX screen. So the weak side is, when you are sitting more off to sides will not get the best effects that is made from your curved TV.

Give it all the best

By bending the edges of your screen, will make the image wider than the common flat screen. Thus, because it enhance the sense of depth, you will get the sensation of 3D, even your main source is only 2D picture. This is effects is made by the different adjusted depth contrast enhancement that is installed on the curved TV technology. Yes, on your curved TV, the contrast is much higher than common TV. Some have tested that the contrast can be delivered much higher 1.5x to 1.8x than common television. The higher the contrast level, objects that is shown on your television will be clearer and sharper.

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