Common Problem on Mac

Macs is a high quality technology that also have some problems here and there. So how to solve those problems? The best first step is diagnose it. If you know your problem then you know what to do and what kind of help that you need. Here are some common problem on Macs :

Clicking noises

If you heard strange clicking noises on your mac. It comes from the hard drive and is a bad sign for you. That clicking noise means that something is broken and you need to repair it immediately. Don’t panic, firstly try to back up all the important files to another hard drive and then asking for help. Don’t know how to do it? An Apple store or Mac support store will be able to help you.

Kernel panic

A fear for all Mac’s user named “kernel panic”. Kernel panic is a condition when your Mac freeze up, the screen fade down and a message will instruct you to restart your computer. Kernel panic happens when your mac tried to solve a problem but have such a serious error so your mac could not continue to operate.

Strange colors or lines over the screen

Are there some lines across the screen or strange colors that you see on your Mac? The screen works normal but something strange happen, this problem named graphics card. This problem happen because the graphics card is malfuctioned so it can’t give the right instruction for the screen.

Dead pixels

“Dead pixels” just like its name. “Dead pixels” means that a few pixels are “dead” or completely black. For creatives who spend their days looking at individual pixels, it can be so annoying. If you just buy a new Mac and having this problem return it to Apple and ask a new one. But usually apple is not willing to change it unless your computer have some serious dead pixels.

Hangs repeatedly

It is Mac, but it can hang up every now and then. If your Mac hang once, don’t worry about it. But if your Mac hangs repeatedly, then you have to prepare your self. Hang usually happen when RAM memory is broken and you need to replace it as soon as possible. It’s really easy to fix, and the RAM itself is not too expensive.

Won’t start

Not often but sometimes a Mac just won’t start at all. This condition indicating that the power supply inside the computer is having a problem. In some cases, this problem happen because the battery or the electric cable is not work properly. It is not connected to the other components with the electricity needed to start your Mac.

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