Choosing the Best Surround System for Your Home

Are one of the audiophile? Are you enjoying the highest-possible sound quality? Then you cannot withstand with the common 2.1 channel common computer speaker. There must be a best surround system for you to stay in your living room. That is a true story, even for non golden-eared person, a best surround system will works very great for any kind of entertainment. You will need an investment to buy the perfect sound system, but it will worth both of your time and effort after you have choose the right one.


The 5.1 Channel

If you rather tight on budgets, you might pick this Monitor Audio R90HT1. Although its rather pricey on its class, but surely it’s the best surround system and well worth the money. It have four Radius 90 Speakers, and one Radius 200 Centre. For the woofer itself, this speaker have Radius 390 with 200W Amplifier. The superb sound comes courtesy one of the updated version of Monitor Audio Radius 90 Compact Speaker. Although you can buy all of these separately, but the set only will costs you for $2.340. If you look for a sleek-looking setup that can bring an astonishing sound quality with a sound stage that is perfect for movies, you shall pick this one as your number one option.



Sony BDV N7100W is another option that you should choose for your 5.1 channel speakers. It already packed with a 3D-ready Blu-ray receiver in one. Sony has prepared their long time in music industry, so this sound system will deliver a fantastic sound output. It have a matte black finishing that makes this speaker to look more futuristic. For a total output of 1000w, it can make your music day become much more exiting. For easier connectivity, it also have a Bluetooth connection, so you can easily connect this sound system with any kind of your gadgets. It also have an on-demand internet content, and can support until a 4K resolution upscale. You can get this all in one sound system only for $779

The 7.1 Channel


Let us increase the level until the best surround system that you can buy for a fair price. Sony SA-VS350H have a configurable that you can set as 5.1 or 7.1 channel. This surround have a distinctive black design, that makes look more interesting and eye catchy. It have a maximum 990 watts output, to deliver the best sound content for your ear. You can get this great looking surround system, only for around $449, what a great price!

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