Browsing Your Files

Browsing Your Files

This article is a tutorial about how to browse your files on your Mac and also an introduction about files on Mac. Don’t worry it’s very easy to understand.


Understanding it

Hard drive contains a lot of files, such as documents, photos or music files, but hard drive not only contains your personal files it also contain system files that your Mac needs to operate properly.

So, can you imagine if all these files were in the same place, will it be easy for you to find your files? That’s why Mac has something named folders. Folders is just like a box, a place which you can put your stuff. You can make folders inside folder too, for examples you make a folder named photos which contains a lot of photos in it, inside that folder you can make another folder like “vacation” photos when you were on your vacation , “New Year”photos when you were celebrated new year, etc. It will be so neat and tidy right?

Let’s Start It

Let’s start. Firstly, click “Macintosh HD” icon on the desktop, so then a new window will appear.

This is what we called Finder window. Finder window will allow you to explore your hard drive.

How does Finder Window Work?

Finder Window basically work really simple, here are the basics to play with it


If you want to resize a finder window, all you have to do is drag your mouse button (keep your mouse button pressed down) in the lower right corner.


Change view option

If you want to change the way things are shown inside the Finder window, there are some buttons that you have to know.


Inside the hard drive

The brand new Mac’s hard drive usually contains four folders, you can click macintosh HD to view all of them. Here are our simple explanation about the contains of the hard drive.



This folder contains all the application on your Mac.

Library and Systems

These two folders usually are not attracting the beginners. These folders contain stuff that Mac needs.


This folder contains one folder for every user and a shared folder, shared folder is a place for users to put stuff that other users of the computer can access too.

Home Folder

Every Mac’s user has one home folder. Home folder will allow you t organize your stuff. It is very easy to use. Just click your home folder, there you will see a lot of different folders. Below, we explain about your home folder



Inside the home folder there is a folder named Desktop. It just like the reflection of your real desktop.


This folder contains your movie. So put your movie in it. So simple.


A place where you can share your files with another user, not all of your files are available for another user to access. (Other files in other folders can’t be accessed by other)


Save all of your word, excel and pages documents in here.


A folder to save your music. But when you start iTunes it will create a sub-folder named “iTunes” automatically. So, if you want to add song to iTunes just drag it to the iTunes icon in this folder, and it will be organized in the iTunes folder.


Do you like to create web pages? Then put them here. Not only web pages, you can save web pages (that you save by using your web browser) in here too.


This library folder in the macintosh HD contains all stuff for the computer, it is different with the library folder in the home folder who contains unique stuff for your user account. But, don’t mind it, you probably will not need to play with this folder for a very long time.


It is a place for you to save your photos or images. Are you using iPhoto to organize you photos? Then, iPhoto will automatically make a folder inside this pictures folder. It’s the same with iTunes, drag your photo to the iPhoto icon to add your images in it. They will be organized automatically so you don’t have to waste your time just to organize them.


Every Finder Window has something that named search field. Type something that you search, and it will show everything that is similar with something that you already type


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