BMW Connected Drive Integration with Smartphones

BMW is one of the luxurious cars that is made in Germany. This brand also known as a luxury brand in all of the most regions, and driving one of this can create a status symbol for you. German engineering has their own great reputation. The technology on the dash itself will poses challenge to this famed company and other auto industry. Some still counting on basic cluster information, while others has prepared their stepping-stone to a better driving integration.


Power of BMW ConnectedDrive Integration

We know that BMW’s ConnectedDrive has gone through the years. There are many known major changes, some make it even better, but there are also other features that are forgotten. Over this last few years, BMW develops a better technology of BMW Connected Drive Integration that can connect easily with your smartphones. For such entertainment system is currently loaded in the latest 2015 series. For the example, the 2015 435i xDrive Gran Coupe is packed with this great integration system. Together with all of upgrades and added features, you will get a price tag for over $180.000 combined. Therefore, it is well worth asking if the integrated entertainment system can earn its stripes.

The look of Joy


BMW Connected Drive Integration is one of the internet and smartphone component of BMW’s all-encompassing entertainment system, is relies on the rotary wheel in the center console. The rotary wheel is needed to navigate menu on your 7-inch display. Such ideas is being copied by other automakers, and they were expanding their entertainment system based on the same concept since earlier 2001. Well the sad thing is that your 7-inch display is not any kind of touchscreen; everything is based on their rotary wheel.

Let us put aside the BMW Connected Drive Integration, when we are talking about hardwired connections, BMW provides us with a useful USB connection. Unlike other automotive brand, that requires a special cable, BMW provides you with a real USB Port.

This hardwired connection offers you with a mobile software that you can download it free. From that software, it gives you a direct integration for the most of the supported apps. For the main example, if you plug your smartphone and launch an app, such as Spotify, your BMW’s will show it on your screen, allows you to navigate through the playlist and other information using the rotary wheel. The sad news that all the feature it seems exclusively made for iOS, while leaving the Android user with small options.

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