Best Wearable Fitness Tracker for Android

In this era of technology, it seems our entire device can monitor almost everything, even with our health. Apple with their Apple Watch is the first from all device that can entirely monitor with all of your health-related activities. Starting from daily stand, walk and even running. Wearable fitness tracker is one of the latest popular gadget that you can use at ease daily. On some latest brand of fitness tracker, we can synchronize it with our smartphone. Your daily basis is being record on micro SD card or sometimes it also record it on cloud storage.

Garmin Vivoactive


We all know that Garmin is famous from the GPS hardware production. This Garmin Vivoactive is one of the wearable fitness tracker that have a built-in GPS, which is very accurate (because it’s Garmin-made of course). This fitness tracker also can tracks your usual steps, calories and sleep need. The built-in GPS also track your data such as pace and distance. You can connect and integrate this Garmin Vivoactive with your smartphone. You can easily monitor your entire schedule, your friend texting, and some tweet from them!

This wearable fitness tracker have a 205 x 148-pixel display that can show your entire activity at ease. The biggest drawback from this device is that the brightness is not so impressive when you use it on direct sunlight. When you already connect your smartphone with this Garmin Vivoactive, there will be a soft vibration to tell that this device is disconnected. You can buy this fitness tracker only for $249.99 on Amazon!

Fitbit Charge HR


If you are not interested with the clunky size of a smartwatch and usual wearable fitness tracker, so you might be interested with this Fitbit Charge HR Smartband. It can continuously track your heart rate for all day long. For the design, this Fitbit Charge HR is simple, and very comfortable for your hand. With a single touch of button, you can easily record all of your activity using this smartband.

Similar to other health tracking apps, this Fitbit Charge HR heart-rate monitor continuously track your heart pulse for entire days. The good news from having this smartband because it have capability to withstand for underwater usage unitl 33 feet. Just like other fitness tracker, everything comes with a notification if there are inbound messages. This Fitbit Charge HR will vibrate if there are any kind of calls comes in. The caller’s number or name will scroll on the screen of this $149.99 smartband.

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