Best Looking Drone for Beginners, Try and Enjoy

Let us to be honest, having drone is really a great idea for you as a gadget freak. Drone were designed and use for military and espionage purpose. Drone usually is a flyer that used in reconnaissance mission, and having non-personnel at all.  Drone is controlled from a long-range military base. Some of the drones also equipped with a large firepower, so overlord can use it to kill the designated target easily. In later purpose, non-military personnel already used drone. Some of it was prepared to record some movie, or even to record some live traffic updates. Drone is very handy, and there are a lot of best looking drone for beginners that might be suitable for you.


Drone usually is equipped with a stationary or pivoting camera in order t!o do some movie capturing. Latest drone has capabilities of recording some High definition movies at ease for 60fps. Usually this kind of drone is rather expensive and might not suitable for beginners, so here we are to discuss what is the of best looking drone for beginners.



UDI U818A is one of the most compact drone that is perfect for beginners. It have a tough material, and it is still affordable for your pockets. You don’t need to worry if you accidentally stuck this little pieces on tree, or sunk it in the river. This drone have a 6 Axis Gyro with posture control to ensure the smoothness positioning of your drone. It also have a strong motors, to enable you fly much longer and effectively. The main energy is come from the batteries that need to be charged for around 120 minutes. When it is fully charged, you can use this drone for around 7 to 9 minutes. It also have a modular design to make everything easier for you to install and repair.

Blade Nano QX BNF Quad

This is one of the best looking drone for beginners that have a fair and reasonable price. It features the SAFETM technology, which is stable and agile. It also have a very compact size, so you can fly it within your room or office. This Blade Nano Drone is packed with a powerful brushed motors, that can provides you with a powerful list and smooth movement. All you need is only to have the 4 channel DSM2 or DSMX Transmitter to make this great drone properly working.

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