Best Gaming Headphones of the Years

Are you one of a person that really love gaming? There are unlimited way to enjoy your gaming, you can do it almost anytime, anywhere. Most of my friends love to play games using their headphones. Some said that using headphones can gives you a better experience during gameplay. Some of headphones were cheaply made, but it still a headphone that can make you hear the footstep of your foe. What about if we raise it to the next level? Do you ever heard anything about 7.1 Headphones? Yes, now you can found the 7.1 Surround Headphones easily, just like bringing your home theatre to your head. So let us discuss about the best gaming headphones of the year.

Sennheiser PC 323D


Yes, let us start from this one, the Sennheiser PC 323D. Sennheiser already play its part as an audio specialist for a long time. They really can make a best audio output that really suits our ear. Most of their products have a specialist to deliver a wide range output to our hearing organs. All of the Sennheiser products were made in the best way possible. I never saw a Sennheiser product have a bad design, most of them are have an interesting design and packaging.

So let us put aside the design, what about quality? We know that this headphone is one of the best gaming headphones of the years. It can deliver a 7.1 audio that is powered by the cutting-edge technology from Dolby. It also have a soft padded CircleFlex ear cups, to ensure your ear is having a real comfort when you do a gaming marathon. You can buy on of these great best gaming headphones of the years for around $159.95.

RazerTiamat 7.1 Gaming Headphone


Welcome to the best brand that always deliver a high quality gaming needs. Razer is one of the trusted benchmark product for all the gamers out there. RazerTiamat can earn the trust of all gamer from its futuristic design. Every aspect were brilliantly made, and can make a sophisticated hardcore gaming looks. For the sound quality, of course it can make your ear cry happily. RazerTiamat already packed with 7.1 Surround with full audio customization, so you can manually change the audio channel, position, and even its bass depth of field. You can buy this immersive best gaming headphones of the years only for $179.99 and enjoy the different gaming condition!

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