Best Gaming Desktop of the Years

Gaming desktop is always your number one options if you have some amount of money to spend. Having a gaming desktop is interesting. You do not need to join any kind of console wars, all you need is just sitting down, relax, and watch your game runs smoothly on 60fps without any trouble. You can put aside any kind of capability issues that usually will occurs. In addition, you do not need to worry anything for some games that is mean only for single console only, because most of consoles game are also playable on desktop. Some geeks said that desktop is the one of the master gaming race, it means that it will always can gives you a perfect sensation of gaming. So let us discuss about the best gaming desktop of the years!

Alienware Alpha


If I say anything about Alienware, maybe it is the most interesting words for gaming freaks. Alienware is the highest brand from Dell, which have specialties to create a gaming-oriented hardware. Alienware Alpha is one of the best gaming desktop of the years that have a beauty and interesting design. It have a sleek and portable design, which is really looks like gaming console!

Alienware diminish the mindset of gaming desktop (usually have a big and bulky design) and creating a new aspect of design. Alienware gives a statement that this is one of their gaming console, which allows you to play PC titles games, Xbox One or even Playstation 4 Games. It have a custom Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M with 2GB of VRAM to ensure the smoothness of 4K gaming experience.

Alienware X51


Everything is still coming from the well-known brand that always can win every gamers heart. Alienware X51 have a stunning design that will make you think this one is another gaming console. This gaming rigs is using the mini-tower form factor to play trick with your eyes. This one of the best gaming desktop of the years already have the fourth-generation of Core i5 and the latest GeForce GTX 960 Graphics surely can make a burst of joy.

For the ports availability, this X51 have everything for you to plug and play easily. There are already Two USB 3.0 ports, one Dual-layer DVD Drive, one headphones, and microphone jacks. For your audio needs, there are still coaxial ports. There is also one Ethernet ports, if you want to use the wired connection. The good news is, you can still swapping the machine hardware in order to keep it up to date with the next generation of gaming.

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