Best Affordable Gaming Headset Ever Made

Headsets always come first in your mind when you want to play some nice and cool game. Not every people like to use headsets, some might prefer to use their home surround speaker. Having such kind of surround speaker is not easy, and it will costs you many bucks. Not every people have a special room to enjoy their world of gaming without waking up their neighbors.

Finally, headsets become a vast options that gamer will pick. By looking for some affordable gaming headset, gamer can enjoy their own world of gaming without harnessing their neighbor. Some hardcore first person shooter gamer also prefer to use headsets, because they can hear the footsteps of their enemies much better. Some also said that, if you are wearing headsets, you could be the part of that game. Therefore, I would like to discuss some affordable gaming headset that might be perfect for you.

Price to Performance


Let us start from the affordable one, the Kingston HyperX Cloud II. This gaming headsethave a luxurious build quality, and sophisticating design. If you put aside the design, it also have a powerful sound quality! Such a beauty for a headset that have a price tag for around $155. The Kingston HyperX Cloud II aims their market to the average level gamer that is interested to have a gaming headset. This headset also have a great build material quality, that will not easily to worn out when you are having some intense gaming night. Just simply plug this headset to the headset and microphone port, and everything will went well.



If you are having right bucks and looking for some balance capability headset, you might be referring to a Mad Catz F.R.E.Q 9. This gaming headset have a price tag for $435. It will offer you a multiplatform support and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. If you are considering from the price, the features might be not enough, but remember, this headset have a Digital Noise Cancellation that will minimize the voice that come from the outside. For the last part, this headset also nominated with affordable gaming headset title, because it have an astonishing sound quality.

Bring out the beast

If you are interested with the most sophisticated one, the best that you can buy for your gaming experience, you might be looking for the SteelSeries H Wireless gaming headset. For the main features, it already come with spare battery and charger! For the noise frequency, you will get around 20-20.000Hz, what a great response range. This headset also fitted with USB Hub that have a display, volume and menu controls. For price around $358 this headset is the best money can buy.

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