5 Basic iOS 9 Tutorials You Should Know

Nowadays, iOS 9 becomes the newest version of OS of Apple’s product for their mobile devices. The development of this OS in general will give better performance and running task than the previous version of the iOS. Here, this newest version of the iOS is still used in limited version of Apple’s product. The manufacture says that the product using this version of iOS is iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus. Then, they say that the old user of Apple can download the development of the iOS freely though app store.

As I have said before, iOS 9 comes with some improvements and new features, which will give the new sense when you operate it. It has some different detail with the iOS 8. However, when the user of iOS 8 upgrades their OS, I am sure that they will not shock with the development in new iOS and they will be easy to get the new adaptation.

However, in order to ease you when you want to use mobile device with iOS 9, here we will create one of a comprehensive guide. This guide will show you how to download and install this iOS 9 in your iPhone or iPad. Then, we also will complete it with some kinds of best tips, tricks and also tutorial. We hope that it will be a useful and an important information for you all.

How to download iOS 9 onto iPhone and iPad

The first matter, which we need to talk here is the way to download the iOS 9 onto the iPhone and iPad. As I have said before, this newest iOS is used in limited kind of the apple’s mobile phone. Here, when you use one of iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus, automatically you will use the iOS 9 in your OS of mobile device. However, when you are an older user of iPhone, upgrading this OS is still easy and free to do.

In common, the manufacture will give notification in your home through the update center. When you are notified, you only need to open the update center and then click the notification. To upgrade the OS, you just need to follow the ways there. Of course, you need to keep the stable of your connection to have the stable way. It will be better when you use the Wi-Fi connection.

Something that you need to know before updating the OS of your iPhone or other mobile device, you need to know about the compatibility. It means that iOS 9 only can be used in some specific phone versions. Actually, it has some nice specs of the phone to run the iOS 9, so sometimes we find that the older version of iPhone cannot install it. You can search about kind of iPhone, which will be able to download the newest OS through internet.

Then, in order to have the safe download and installing, it will be better for you to back up your previous data. The backup method here is nice to keep your important data, in order to decrease the risk of losing data when you are failed in upgrading your OS.

How to switch from android to iPhone

I am sure that it is one of the shocking news. We all know that Apple and Android are two of the biggest manufacture of smartphone and they always give the new products to gain the intention of their customer. However, here you need to know that officially, Apple released their first android apps, called “Move to iOS”. In my opinion, the purpose of this release of android app is to make the users being near with iOS and Apple and when they are interested with it, the users will move to from the Android to Apple.

This app will be nice to transfer some data from your android, such as contact, message, file and others. Then, before you set this transferring way, you need to know that you must download this app from the play store – the app store of the users of android. After it, on your iPhone’s screen, you will see “move data from android” notification. The moving data need a connection of Wi-Fi and you also need to add 10-digit of password to secure your transferring.

When the transfer is complete, the system will give notification for you. However, you need to make sure that you have large space to receive the data from transferring.

How to create an ID of apple

Apple ID is one of the most important thing when you want to start operating your iPhone. Yes, with the use of the Apple ID, you will be free to do what you need with your iPhone or iPad. It can be called that Apple ID is the gate before you use your device. For example, when you have the Apple ID, you will be easy to save your date in iCloud. In other hand, you also will be easy when you want to download some kinds of your favorite song through iTunes.

Then, the manufacture also says that the Apple ID is the key of all features inside the mobile device, such as the contact, to synchronize the calendar status, safari bookmark and others. By the importance of the Apple ID as before, it will be nice to talk about some details of it here.

  • managing apple ID

In order to manage your apple ID, it will be better when you only use one account in one phone. It means that when you want to log in your iCloud, iTunes and other app, you use the same account. Using the same account is nice because you will be easy when you want to use the app. In other hand, the vendor says that when users use the different account in some apps, they may get some problems there.

  • creating apple ID

Actually, creating apple ID is one of the simplest thing to do. As I have said before, apple ID is one of the most important way when you want to get the access in some apps. Here, to create the apple ID, you only need to go directly to apple ID website. Inside the website, you will find ‘Create an apple ID’ menu. Click the menu and then follow the way there. One important thing that you need to know here is make sure that you have the valid email address because the apple ID will be worked with it. Then, don’t forget to verify it after creating the ID.

  • setting and option

These menus will be something great, especially when you want to modify your apple ID. Here, when you are forget with your password, you do not need to worry. Just go to the setting menu and then reset your password there. You will be leaded with the easy ways there.

How to use iCloud keychain

Inside the iOS 9, you will see iCloud keychain menu. It is one of the great new feature of this OS. What is the use of this feature? You need to know that this menu is nice in order to increase the safety of your iCloud. Sometimes, we are afraid of being forget with our password or we are thinking that our security of iCloud is not enough. The iCloud keychain here is special in order to give the new better login way for you. You will be easier to login and you will have higher level in security.

How to use maps

Maps is one of the important and famous app inside the iPhone. Yes, it is because with the use of maps, you will have the useful app leading you to find some exact place. In other hand, this app is also special because it will give more information when you look for some kinds of transportation, such as buses, trains and others. Then, the new look and some new features from the iOS 9 here make the maps is better and it has the sleek design. Look for the detail of it by reading the guide.

Well, based on the explanation above, we all know some ways, especially when you want to use your iPhone as the device of your communication. However, the explanation as above is not final. There are many kinds of other news and tricks, which you need to know. You can read the manual of the phone in order to know the more detail operation way. In other hand, it is also nice when you be an active reader and try to find new information about it.