Latest Generation Of Gaming Console: Playstation 4

Say hello to the latest generation of gaming console, the Playstation 4. It is already 7 years since the initial release of Playstation 3. Some said that Sony rules the world of gaming, but you must not forget, because there are still Microsoft with their Xbox One and the glorious PC Master Gaming Race. But let us remember about the glorious past of Playstation era, overshadowing both of its rivals. Simply pure only for gaming purpose, Playstation 4 can be considered as the best and the latest generation of gaming console.

Joy of next-gen gaming


Thanks to the well designed built, PlayStation 4 is prepared for developer friendly, and have a PC look-alike architecture. Remember when Playstation 3 have a SixaxisDualShock 3 Controller? It such a joy to play a numerous game using that controller. So here we are, talking about the DualShock 4 controller, one of the inarguably as the best controller that Sony ever made! You can bought this latest generation game controller only for $100.

Playstation 3 was nominated as the best of latest generation of gaming console, because it have an unusual Blu-ray standard, giving you another level of gaming media that you will never realize. It is quite different from the Playstation 4, where is focused much more on the gameplay graphics quality. Playstation 4 offers you the capability to play the latest next-gen game within 60fps.

The beauty and the beast

From the outside, Playstation 4 offers an astonishingly beauty design, with a sharp and slightly angled profile. If you peek on the backside, you can only found a HDMI/Optical Ports. It already have the internally built power supply to ensure you have less object to taken care.


For the hardware itself, you still getting the 2.4GHz old 802.11b/g/n as standard. You still not getting any of the latest ac dual band wireless of 5GHz support. The true beast comes out from the AMD ‘Jaguar’Octa-Core processors that can makes you minimize the useless loading speed of your games. To unleash the powerful graphics rendering, it also provided with the Radeon GPU that can crank up to 1.84 TFLOPS. Playstation 4 also packed with the 8 Gigs of GDDR5 RAM which is capable to send out 176GB/sec of bandwidth. To store all the games you have, this latest generation of gaming console is giving you 500GB of Hard Drive storage.

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