Android Lollipop Features

If you want to bring the new Android 5.0 Lollipop to your device please read this 10 new Android Lollipop feature list that you must know first. There are many new features included in Android 5.0 which is very fun and easy for the user to use the device’s everyday.

Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop

New Android Lollipop Feature List

Here is some of the new features found in Android Lollipop you should know before you try:

1. The new Material Design

The first thing you will notice after updating to Android 5.0 Lollipop is the redesigned interface. Google’s “Material Design” brings a cleaner, lighter look to the operating system.

2. A new lock screen

Notifications are now displayed directly on your device’s lock screen.

3. Hide sensitive content in notifications

Not a fan of having everything front and center? Notifications can be disabled or set to hide sensitive content.

Head to Settings and click Sound & Notification, followed by the “When device is locked” option at the bottom of the page.

4. Get longer battery life with battery-saver mode

A new feature in Android 5.0 Lollipop promises to squeeze 90 extra minutes of juice out of the battery in your device.

To enable the new battery-saver feature, enter Settings, click on Battery, tap the Menu button (that three vertical dot icon in the top right corner) and select Battery saver.

5. Hang a Do Not Disturb sign

The first time you change the alert volume on your device you will notice few new options just below the volume slider. These are part of a new featured called Priority mode.

Selecting “None” will disable all notifications, even your alarm clock. While “Priority” mode will show only notifications you have approved. Head to Settings, click Sound & Notifications and select Interruptions to approve select notifications.

6. Add Trusted Devices

You can set a Bluetooth or NFC tag as a “Trusted Device.” When the device is in range of your phone, the security passcode or pattern won’t be required to unlock it. To set this feature up, head to Settings, select Security, followed by Smart Lockand Trusted Devices.

Note that the Smart Lock option will only be available if a security lock, such as a pattern or a passcode, is enabled on your device.

7. Use guest mode with friends

Share your phone with friends or family members? You can now create multiple user profiles to keep your personal apps, contacts and photos separate from theirs. There is also a guest mode for temporary users. New modes can be accessed and created by pulling down the Notification menu and tapping the person icon in the top right corner of the screen.

8. Access Google’s Flappy Bird clone

The mobile game Flappy Bird took the world by storm in 2014. After reaching the top of the charts, the game was suddenly removed by its creator from the Google Play Store. As a homage to the game, Google added a Flappy Bird-inspired Android version as an Easter egg in Lollipop.

To access it, head to Settings, click on About Phone and tap “Android version” repeatedly. A lollipop will appear on your screen, a single tap will change the color of the tasty treat, while a long-press will open the game.

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