Activating iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature

iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature, is a feature that you can use when you need a time just for your self. There’s no call, email, text or even social media for a while. If you think that you, right now, need this feature, try to read this article and you will have no distraction anymore.

Activating Do Not Disturb

Activating Do Not Disturb is really simple! Just slide up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to access the Control Center, tap the moon icon in the top row. It will silence calls and alerts, so they can not disturb you. If you think you are ready to be connected with others again, you can deactivate Do Not Disturb by tapping the icon again. Is that the only information you can get from this article ? Of course not!

Set up Quiet Hours

You can set Do Not Disturb to be enable automatically at a preset time of day. Directly go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and activate the Scheduled button. Tap the From and To fields to set the exact “Quiet Hours” Do Not Disturb is functioning.

Some Exceptions

There is a time, when an emergency comes and need to disturb you. But, if you activate the Do Not Disturb, will you know if the emergency has come? Don’t worry, Apple already set this for you, just go to Settings > Do Not Disturb there is an “Allow Calls From” section; tap it to allow calls from everyone, no one, your contacts designated as favorites, or from certain groups. (You can create groups through your account.) Additionally you can make sure that the Repeated Calls switch is on, so if the same person calls within three minutes – because of the emergency situation – their second call will not be silenced.

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