9 Secret Tricks for Android

I am sure that the development of the technology brings the android as the most-needed thing for communication nowadays. Well, the android is kind of the great phenomena of the communication changing. With the great feature inside the phone, android will make the communication of the people easier and more effective. You can see, there is many kinds of the new apps in android in the way to higher the aesthetic sense in communication. Here, we will talk about 10 most common hidden tricks inside android you need to know. The secret tricks will be useful in the way to maximize the use of your android. Read it wholly!

9 Most Common Secret Tricks for Android

1. Maintain as the PC

With the detail of the android, the characteristic of it is like the PC. In PC, you are able to install some program and run it as your need. However, it is same with what you can do in the android. However, here, you need to maintain the android like a PC. I have some ideas in your maintenance.

  • Installing the application

The application maybe becomes the first choice when you want to maintain the android system. Well, it is because the application will offer a nice surface to pleasant you. Talking about the apps in maintain the android, you can see some kinds of it. For example, the common people use the Clean Master as their choices. Clean Master is a free maintains apps with some great features. It will be a nice choice to free the RAM. Moreover, it will be useful to manage the space in your android.

  • Clearing data

When you want to have the manual way in the way to maintain the condition of your android, clearing data will be a wise option for you. Well, it is effective in the way to manage the space of your android. Clearing data will be useful to trash the unused file, such as the cache of the system. Here, you only need to go to the setting, finding the app menu and click the exact app you want to clear its data.

2. Privacy accident

People cannot be free from the accident. Well, it is because we have with the other communal with the different background. In this case, you need to know about the privacy accident from the android. In this case, the developer has the privacy security inside your phone. You can go to the setting, then choose the security and click the owner info. You can add your personal identity there. The personal identity here will be shown in your lock screen. It will help people to see your identity when they find your phone in somewhere.

3. The multiple battery

The battery becomes most important thing inside the android. Well, it is because battery becomes the source of the energy. In simpler, you will have nothing to do in your phone without battery. I have some example of battery as below:

  • Standard battery

The first kind of the battery as your choice is the standard battery. Well, it is the safest choice for you, I think. The standard battery uses the advice of the developer. You can check the detail of the permitted battery, such as the voltage before replacing the old battery. It will be better for you to go to the service center.

  • Double power

The double power is the alternative battery for you. We know android need more power to support the activity. Sometimes, you lost the energy of the android fast. Here, the double power will be a wise option. It will provide the double power, such as in 1200 battery, you will have 2400 in power.

4. Rooting option

Rooting can be the great idea to improve the access of your android phone. Well, it will give the better access. You will be able to explore wider of the capability of your android by rooting. There are some benefits of it:

  • Renewing the font

Having the customized font in your android will be a nice option. Well, the unique font will make your chatting feel better and great. By rooting, you will be able to change the common font with the better one.

  • Installing app

Some big app needs the root as its requirement. Here, when you want to have the kinds of the great and big app inside your android, you need to root your phone first.

  • Upgrading the status bar

Having the unique look in the status bar of the android will be great matter for you. You can see the new look with the different sense there. You can rebuild the design of your android, as you want!

5. Testing the different launcher

To have the nice home screen, you can choose the launcher as your option. Well, launcher will be a nice choice. There are many launchers in play store as your choice. You can get one of it, as you want. Launcher will be useful with some benefits, as:

  • New icon

By applying the launcher, you will have a nice new icon of your menu. The new icon there will be something great to beautify the look of your android look. For example, you will get the arsenal menu when you apply the arsenal launcher.

  • New swipe

Swiping will be the useful matter in the android. Here, the kind of swipe will be a nice way to pleasant your finger and to ease the use of android. The launcher here will make the changing of the menu look simpler and easy.

  • Unique theme and wallpaper

Some launchers will give the option for you to choose the kinds of theme and wallpaper. We know, those two matters are benefit in the way to higher the aesthetic look in your android surface. Just find the best launcher to renew the look of home screen.

6. Voice orders

Well, maybe here is the great menu inside the android, which you need to know. It is the voice orders! It is a nice development of the android. With the voice order, you will be a nice way to operate your phone. Although this order still be available in simple order, I think, it will give the great experience for you. Go to the setting and find the Google voice. Some android phones have different method there.

7. Hidden developer option

Android is set in normal option when you buy and use it for the first time. In this case, when you want to know well about android, trying to know the hidden developer option can be the wise option. To apply this option, you need to go to the setting, choose “about phone’ menu and click on the “build number” seven times. Well, after it, you will find several animation there. It can be used to beautify your chat and give the new experience in your phone operation.

8. Useful widget in lock screen

Lock screen is not only about the wallpaper, shortcut of theme. Here, in order to beautify the look of your home screen, you might add the mini app of android called widget. There are several widgets there, which can be your options. Just hold the screen and tap the plus (+) to add the widget.

  • Weather

It is the useful widget for you. The weather widget will be a nice option to know the exact weather in your region. The information of it will be updated in some times. It will be benefit when you want to have long journey.

  • Clock

The clock will be useful to make you know about the exact time. In other hand, you also will be able to know the other time with the conversion menu there.

  • Calendar

The calendar will be great in order to make you know about the exact date. Go to the menu of calendar and mark it when you have the appointment with your friends.

  • Email

For you who still connected with the internet mail, the email widget will be a nice option. It will help you to have the simpler access in the way to connect with it, reading the inbox and make any conversation.

9. Powerful Google play

Android will have no power without Google Play. Well, it is the life of Google Play. Why? Inside the Google Play, you will find million kinds of the app. The app will be a nice partner in your android phone. See some details of it. You will be able to choose such as the game, the education app and others. In other hand, there are the choices of the app, such as the free app or the paid one.

Well, how do you feel know? With the kinds of tricks and tips inside the android, I hope you will be smarter to operate this kind of smartphone. Just share the information about the android to your friend. It will be useful to have the new news about it. Have a nice day!

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