3 Interesting Smart Home Stuff

In this latest era of technology, it seems all of your stuff is must be connected with your smartphone. Everything must be integrated in order to make your life much easier. You can look for some interesting smart home stuff in your local home depot or even order it online. Not only big stuff that you can integrate with your smartphone, some of the small stuff also can be paired with your smartphone. You can design your home with some smart appliances in order to simplify and monitor all of your appliances activity. So let us discuss some of the interesting smart home stuff that you can buy for your home!

Nest Learning Thermostat


If you are looking for something that can monitor your home internal temperature, don’t look for the old and conventional one. You can buy this Nest Learning Thermostat as your interesting smart home stuff. This stuff can monitor and learn your schedule within one week, and will program itself for your home temperature. This smart stuff have an attractive design with an intuitive user interface. This small stuff get it design from the former Apple executive who was leading the original iPod team.

DropCam Pro

Home security is number one that you must be concern. You must spent some amount of money for security monitoring device, before you lose some large amount of your home appliances because of the unwanted burglars. This DropCam Pro is very easy to set up, because all you need is only to download apps on your smartphone or even only need to plug it on your computer. Only need to spend for around $199 you can get an HD 720p video. This camera can be considered as your interesting smart home stuff because it also have an impressive night vision mode. The biggest drawback from this camera is only the weak microphone and does not have a strong Bluetooth connection.



Not only water that can cause harm for your home, but water also can be a potential threat for your home. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to repair the damage from water is around $2.000 or even more! This WallyHome cannot stop your from the harmful water leakage, but it can prevent before it even worse. This smart device can detect and turns your home wiring to an antenna and instantly will alerts you when leakage is occur. You can buy this small device only for around $299 on Amazon.

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