10 Fitbit Flex Tips and Tricks

Fitbit Flex tips and tricks – Flex is a most used fitness tracker wearable device of the year. If you new user of this devise and want to setup your Fitbit Flex please refer to this Fitbit Flex setup tutorial page. Then this is 10 ways to improve your Fitbit Flex usage that will help you to get more from your fitness tracker.

1. Log your Activity Manually

If you forget to wear your Fitbit or are doing non-step based activities, you can manually log your activity. To make sure your data is not double input, the manual activity you log will override any previous data from that same time period. Log your activity manually by following these steps : Open the app, head to Track Exercise, then the clock symbol in the upper righthand corner. Search the database by exercise type and enter your custom details.

2. Retrospectively Track Sleep

If you wish to doze off without putting your Fitbit into sleep mode, you don’t have to worry. You can remain track last nights snooze by retroactively logging your sleep when you wake. Fitbit will change those hours of tracking to reflect your sleep patterns if you following these steps : Open the app, head to Sleep Tracking / Add Sleep Log and input when you went to sleep and when you awoke.

3. Wear it and forget it

For me the best thing about the FitBit Flex is that you wear it on your wrist. You don’t have to clip it onto your clothing and vice versa. And because the FitBit Flex is waterproof, you can go with it anywhere at anytime even when you are in shower. It means you can wear it and forget it. You won’t find that you’ve left the house for the day only to leave your activity tracker on the dresser.

4. Track specific activities

With the latest firmware update you can track individual activities with your Flex, it is useful if you want to know some detail about that activity. You can do it by putting your Flex into Activity/Sleep mode (tapping it rapidly until you get the two flashing lights). When your activity is finished, you tap it rapidly again until you see five blinking lights.

It works is sets a “start” and “end” marker. Your FitBit will constantly recording your activity and these markers allow you to see a specific section of that activity to see the details. When you log into the FitBit dashboard, you will see those activities listed in the day on which you captured them. For example it works to capture the distance of your walk from your house to your office, for instance.

5. Set Reminder Alarms

When the silent alarm feature on the Flex is set, it will vibrate in order to wake or alert you. You can set it to go off not only when you want to wake up from your sleep, but also to remind you anything, for example taking a break, drinking more water, or getting ready for bed by following these steps : Open the app, go to Account / Flex / Silent Alarms / Set a New Alarm.

Fitbit Flex Tips Video by Geek Squad

6. Set Dominant vs Nondominant Hand

Fitbit have to know whether you’re wearing the band on your dominant or nondominant hand to track your motion accurately. Because our dominant hand does more work throughout the day, dominant hand data may be higher but not really accurate. To set dominant and non dominant hand you can follow these steps: Open the app, go to Account / Flex / Wrist / and choose Dominant or Nondominant.

7. But set a recurring reminder to charge it

Tips to avoid the battery running completely down. Remind your self to charge the battery. For example use the reminder feature in google calendar, you can create a recurring reminder to send a text message to your phone every 5 days, reminding you to charge your Flex.

Usually it doesn’t take more than 2 hours or so to get a full charge.

8. Track your sleep after-the-fact

If you want to track your sleep, the Flex is great for you because it has no bulky wristband needed. All you need to do is remember some things.
First remember to put the device into “sleep” mode the same way you put it into “activity” mode
Second, remember to turn off sleep mode when you wake up in the morning.

But if your forget about it FitBit has you covered. Because FitBit is always recording, the start and stop times only tell the system when your sleep started and stopped. It still records your “sleep” activity. So if you forget, head to the FitBit app, and add a sleep record for the previous night. You can tell the app when you went to sleep and when you wake up, and in a few seconds, you will see your night’s sleep, complete with how restless you were and how many times you woke up.

9. Invest in spare wristbands

The FitBit Flex have two wristbands, a large and a small. You can spare your wristbands just to be safe. Do it as soon as possible, based on my experience the wristband is coming a few weeks later after I ordered. So do it sooner will make you feel more safe.

10. Maximize Battery Life

Fitbit will automatically syncing with the app throughout all day when it is enable. This can drain your Fitbit and and your battery. You can save your battery life by disabling it, follow these steps to disable the sync : Open the app, go to Account, then toggle the all-day sync off.

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