10 Awesome Things in Android Lollipop

The latest development of the android OS is the L type. The L or the lollipop is the latest development, which will pleasant you with the new and hidden features on it. This new android OS will be the 5.0 version of the development of the android OS. The newest OS here will be available in the latest type of the android phone. However, for you who are the user of the old android phone, you can wait the update system from the manufacture. Here, I have 10 awesome things you need to know inside android lollipop. It will be a nice fact as your considerations.

10 Awesome & Best Android Lollipop 5.0 Features

1. New material in design looks

The first improvement of the android lollipop or L here that will pleasant you are the new material design look. Well, the design look here will influence the sense when you operate it in your communication. Do you want to know the new look on it? Let us talk about it below:

  • Color combination

The first thing here that you need to know is the color combination. The basic color of this android L is the bright color. Now, the OS of this android will offer the depth in color with the shadow and more layouts cross the system. Those matters will give the new experience for you.

  • Shape of icon

In the surface of the home screen, you also will find the new shape of the button icons. Here, the development applies the new shape such as the triangle to replace the back arrow, the circle to replace the home and the square to replace the recent app multitasking menu. It will be nice with its simple design.

2. New animation and transition

To comfort you in operating your android with the new OS, here the developer applies the new animation and transition. Well, those two things will be useful in the way to beautify the surface of the home screen and the menu screen. You can see some details below:

  • Elevation level

Inside the android L, the elevation level will be a nice thing, which you will find firstly. It is kind of the great transition for you. This transition will give the nice effect to decide how high it can float above over the information panels.

  • Nested scrolling

Do you want to have the unique transition in your android phone? Here, the nesting scrolling will be something great for you. With the nesting scrolling, you will be able to resizing the top bars and taps on the fly as you scroll the lists down.

  • Seams and real time shadow

As I have said before, android L has the simpler appearance than the previous version. Here, the combination of the simple layer and the great color will be the basic of it and it will be nice choice for you. Just apply the material to makeover the surface of your android look.

3. New look in lock screen and notification

People choose android as their device to communicate because of its great matter in its notification. Here, the android L will pleasant you with the new design in the lock screen and notification.

  • Jazz up visualization

The new notification in android L seriously uses the jazz up visualization as its choice. Well, it will be a nice choice for you. This visualization is special with the dull grey card-based transformation. Then, it also uses the actionable lock screen for the better service.

  • Impressive 3D

Well, the 3D design becomes the basic of the look in the program of android L. Here, you will find the great matter of it such as the 3D layer, shadows, and others. The combinations of it will give more impressive and greater look than previous OS.

4. Project Volta

Do you have the problem with the battery in your android? Well, we know android needs more power in accessing some applications inside your phone. Here, the android L offers something new as its new service. The thing here is called as the Project Volta. It is kind of the great matter for you. The Project Volta here will be nice in the way to increase the battery power and its management. With the Project Volta, you will have longer battery use than the previous version. You can go to the setting. Be nice because the different phone will offer the different setting.

5. Personal unlocking

Keeping the privacy in your android is important. Well, the privacy will keep the private information to be stolen by others. In this case, the developer develops the new style in the personal unlocking. Inside the android L, you will find some ideas in locking. See the kinds of it below:

  • PIN

It is the most common type of the unlocking home screen. The PIN still becomes the favorite types of it. Here, just make the unique PIN in the way to increase the privacy of your android phone.

  • Pattern

Pattern is also kind of the common type of unlocking home screen. It is like a PIN. Here, you will be able to make your own pattern in the way to keep the data and your privacy.

  • Voice record

Well, the voice record maybe will be the newest kind of the unlocking tech. It will pleasant you with the simpler use. With the voice record, you will have a unique way to open your phone. Please record your voice clearly as the key of your android.

6. Chrome-book notification

The chrome-book notification is one of the newest developments inside the android L. Well, when in the previous version Chrome only use as the browser, you will have the wider access of Chrome here. The Chrome will be a nice new app to display the SMS and calls. To enjoy this feature, you just need to login on the Chrome. Just once login, you will be able to enjoy the features of it, as you want. See, it will make your android look more powerful!

7. New searching tab

To make you easy in the browsing tool, you can apply the search as your recommendation. Well, android L here will be a nice option with its new style in searching. See the details of it below:

  • New design

To pleasant you, here the developer applies the new design of the searching tab. With a nice look in the design of the search type, as Google’s have, you will be happy in searching anything. Well, it is because the design will influence the mood of you.

  • Rich card format

Well, the result of your searching will be displayed with the rich card format. It will nice for you because here you will see the complete animation and shrinking header tabs there. Again, it will be a nice to watch!

  • Automatically pulls

Maybe, in the previous version you need to look for the result of your downloading. Here, android L will give the simpler ways for you. You only need to open the relevant app to see the result of your download. How easy it is!

8. New multitasking view

The multitasking bar will make your access easier than before. Well, on it you will be able to see what kinds of the app you are using recently. In this case, inside the android L, you will see the new design of it. Well, the new design of the multitasking bar here will be a nice look for you. You can see the unique design on it. The kinds of the design will give the different sense. It is also useful to ease your boredom in operating android.

9. Better performance with new ART

The developer says that the android L will have better performance than the previous one. Well, one of the reasons there is by the new ART. ART is kind of the part of system, which handle the performance of it. The ART will be useful for you, especially in the android L. See the function below:

  • Memory efficient

Since android always be connected with the internet, here you will have more accessing data. Well, here the ART will be a great thing for you. With the new tech inside the ART, you will have less data than before. It will ice because you can manage the data efficient.

  • Saving RAM

RAM or the Random Access Memory is a nice thing inside the android system. Well, RAM will influence the well running of the applications. Here, the new ART will be great with the saving-RAM tech. It will be nice because with the enough free RAM, you will have a nice running in operating android L.

10. Separate home and work profile

Android is not only useful for having a nice communication. Here, you also will be able to use it as the device to work. Something that will be nice here is the developer claims that here the android will separate work app data from the app data. It will be nice news in the way to have the efficient use of data. However, this function will be available in the updated software. So, you need to be patient there.

Based on the explanation above, some facts about the android L can be the reason when you want to upgrade your android phone. Remember, it is nice for you to know about the brand of the phone and seeing the details of system requirements in order to have the best phone, as you want.

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