The New Technology That Will Blow Your Mind In 2018

We are living in an age of exponential technology growth and every day new gadgets are
released showcasing the latest developments. In such a short space of time we have come so
far and now things are possible that were believed to be things we would only see in Sci-Fi
movies. 2018 promises to be the most exciting in history and in this article I will talk about the
most anticipated to be released this year.

The Internet of Things

Over the last decade, we have started to use internet enabled devices to control a growing
number of daily chores. In 2018 you will be able to control more than ever before due to a large
number of products being released. My favorite is the Nest Thermostat which works via your
mobile phone to change the temperature of your home. It also analyzes the usage of energy so
that you can become more eco-friendly along with saving money.

Wearable Technology

The smartwatches did not take off as expected but that has not stopped developers creating
new wearable tech and lots are due to be released in 2018. New products such as the Willow
breast pump enables data to be tracked along with being able to operate fully clothed. Expect to
see lots of Internet-enabled wearable devices that will help benefit your health this year.

Self-Driving Cars

The technology for self-driving cars has progressed rapidly over the last couple of years and all
the main tech players are developing their own models. In 2018 more places are going to pass
laws so that these can take to the roads. This is the start of the motor industry revolution and
this year it will continue its rapid rise.


Televisions improve every year and 2018 is no different. One of the most exciting TV launches
is the Bravia A1E by Sony. It has a remarkable edge to edge screen which brings the movies to
life. This industry is going to be under threat over the coming years by AR technology so TVs
may even become a thing of the past once the technology of Augmented Reality improves.

3D Printing

Three Dimensional printing may have been around now for a few years and in 2018 it is ready
to take the next step. The cost of 3D printing machines is coming down in price a lot making it
more affordable. Now that the technology has progressed it means you can print virtually
anything from the comfort of your own home. One interesting one to look out for is the Natural

Machines brand 3D printer Foodini. This amazing machine prints real food and is making things
possible in the kitchen that was never achievable before.


There are so many new inventions and gadgets being released in 2018, we are all going to be
spoiled. Expect the Internet of Things to be the hot trend of the year with countless apps and
products being released to become a part of your everyday life.