Virtual Reality Devices – Where They Are Now and Where They’re Going

On Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 By

GadgetsThe idea of virtual reality has been around for years. Sci-fi nerds have dreamed of being able to step onto virtual planets...

Amazon Fire TV Stick Manual & Setup Guide (2nd Gen)

On Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 By

GadgetsAmazon Fire TV Stick is most trending tv gadget now. It’s an easy way to enjoy over 4,000 channels, apps, and games including...

Good Looking and Affordable All-in-One PC

On Friday, July 24th, 2015 By

Cool Stuff, Gadgets, OtherAll-in-one PC might not as popular as common desktop, because it lacks of further upgrade options for you. All-in-one PC is known...

Latest Antivirus for Your Desktop 2015

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Gadgets, Shopping, TechMany desktop users believe that they do not need any kind of antivirus for their desktop. Some of them is still trusting...

Best Gaming Desktop of the Years

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Gadgets, Other, TechGaming desktop is always your number one options if you have some amount of money to spend. Having a gaming desktop is...

Latest Generation Of Gaming Console: Playstation 4

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Gadgets, Other, TechSay hello to the latest generation of gaming console, the Playstation 4. It is already 7 years since the initial release of...

Nokia DT-900: Best Wireless Charger Ever

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Gadgets, Other, ShoppingWelcome to the future, when everything is lot more easily, alongside with the entire accessory that will sustained most of your activities....

Latest Gaming Gadget, Microsoft HoloLens: New Perspective of Viewing

On Monday, July 6th, 2015 By

GadgetsWelcome to the future of gaming and computing! Microsoft HoloLens made their debut on the Show of The Year, E3 2015. This...

Near Future Tech: Long-Range Wireless Charging

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GadgetsImagine, someday in late 2016 that you wont need to worry and have a frantic feeling when your smartphone is about to...


UAMP Portable Headphone Amplifier Review

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Cool Stuff, GadgetsUAMP Portable Headphone Amplifier is one of product that can be found by people in the modern era. This one is a...


Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1: New Greatest Way to Play Music

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Cool Stuff, GadgetsThe Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 is a way for people to get the best one in their musical instrument. This one can be used...

GameClutch Universal Clip Controller

GameClutch: Universal Smartphone Clip Controller

On Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 By

Cool Stuff, GadgetsGame lovers now are so assisted with additional features in their phones which allow them to play the game wherever they want....

Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses

Useful Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses for Health

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Gadgets, TechIt has been general fact that eye is a very vital device to capture every existing object ahead. Connected by nerves to...

Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock

Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock – Don’t Worry About Your Door Again

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Cool Stuff, Gadgets, TechWhenever you go whether it is for short or long time, you should keep your house door look to keep your house...