Tips to organize and customize Smartwatch on The Outside and The Inside

On Friday, January 8th, 2016 By

Android, SmartwatchSmartwatch, is an unique device. It can be adjusted depend on whoever’s wrist they are strapped to. Although some smartwatches have the...


12 tips and tricks you need to try on your Android Marshmallow

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AndroidYou already have your new Android Marshmallow? For some user Marshmallow is just a better version of Lollipop. So, we are here...


Step by step to remove devices from Google Play

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AndroidGoogle play will automatically builds up a list of your devices. You may notice that in this list consist half of devices that...


How to get back lost data on Android whether rooted or not

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AndroidWell it is really normal if we accidentally deleted our data whether we root it or not. If you are now experiencing...


Step by step to restore lost notifications on android

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AndroidAccidentally lost your notifications on your android device? This problem is happening really often because Android notifications menu usually fills up so...


10 Awesome Things in Android Lollipop

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AndroidThe latest development of the android OS is the L type. The L or the lollipop is the latest development, which will...


9 Secret Tricks for Android

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AndroidI am sure that the development of the technology brings the android as the most-needed thing for communication nowadays. Well, the android...


Perfect Head Unit for Your Car

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Android, OtherIt is nice to cruising around, spent your Sunday afternoon with your beloved car. For the most of automotive enthusiast, having a...


Welcome to the Era of Seagate Hybrid SSHD

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AndroidSeagate Hybrid SSHD is the pioneer of a desktop 3.5 inch that is combining the Solid State Drive performance and the Hard...

Apple Watch review (11)-768-80

The Premium Apple Watch, Spec and Features

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AndroidDuring the era of gadgets and smartphones, there comes the rivalry between smartwatch. Most of the smartwatch is integrated with some off...


Best Affordable Gaming Headset Ever Made

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AndroidHeadsets always come first in your mind when you want to play some nice and cool game. Not every people like to...

InnoTab 3

Best Tablets Under $100 for Kids

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Android, TabletsThe Best Tablets Under $100 for Kids 2016 – Today many tablet products on the market, the tablets is sold at Amazon,...


Lava Iris 310 Style Manual & Review

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AndroidLava iris 310 Style review will give the reader consideration before buying this phone. Lava Iris 310 Style is a smartphone produced...


Xolo Play 8x-1100 Manual & Review

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AndroidXolo play 8x-1100 review shows that this phone is a recommended phone for everyone. The phone has a high performance with an...

Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop Features

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AndroidIf you want to bring the new Android 5.0 Lollipop to your device please read this 10 new Android Lollipop feature list...